Necessary Documents for Online Matrimony

Sep 25, 2020
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Necessary Documents for Online Matrimony

Marriage is the unison of two individuals and two families in an eternal bond of trust and companionship. While it is very personal, there are certainly some legal aspects to it in terms of documentation and compliance. As someone famously said, “ I like you so much I am going to get the government involved in it.” So if you’re wondering what these documents are that come into play during online matrimony and during marriage, fret not. Here’s our list on what you may possibly need to keep in mind:

Birth Certificate

Many individuals may portray an incorrect age on online matrimonial sites in order to bag a younger life partner. A birth certificate is a great way to prove the authenticity of your age and find an age-appropriate partner. Further, it also acts as a validation of your location and name. 

Aadhaar Card

When we say we are the most trusted matrimonial website, we mean it! Have your aadhaar card handy and register with us with all the necessary information. Your address, date of birth and complete name as per your Aadhar card are the credentials you can make your profile with on our Rajput matrimonial site

Latest Photos

In order to better your chances at finding a partner, it is important that you get some latest photos of yourself and upload them on the website. Be assured that utmost safety of your private information will be upheld. These photographs will help other members ascertain your profile and your match with them better. 

Educational Qualifications

Punjab’s best matrimonial and all other online matrimonial sites in India solicit the educational documents on the member-to-be upon registration. As many individuals may fake their educational qualifications, these documents may be necessary. Have your educational documents ready should you need to share the same, if and when required. 


The best matrimonial sites in India have a declaration at the end of every registration seeking an undertaking from the individual regarding the authenticity of the information provided. Signing this declaration confirms that all the information provided is true to the best of one’s knowledge. This declaration is essential to creating a profile and also acts a safety net for those who are interested in your profile. They’re are assured of the fact that all information provided by you is factual and true.

Marriage Certificate

Lastly, after you find your ideal match on Sadiora Matrimonial Website and have entered into holy matrimony, don’t forget to apply for a marriage certificate at the earliest. You can obtain the same at a local registrar office. All you need is your marriage invitation card, proof of identification and address and the presence of 2-3 witnesses. This document legalises your marriage and serves as an apt proof of marriage for all legal requirements.

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